Bowie Park Stables
7433 Crow Cut Road - Fairview, TN  615-799-8250
615-799-7765 or 727-512-8374
What you Get Here!
Bowie Park Stables is a full board facility for all breeds of horses.  We lovingly take care of our
horses equally to those that board with us.  Our clean stalls are matted for extra comfort and most have an automatic water system during 9 months of the year.  We provide a locked tack room with a monitored security system that is heated in the winter and cooled in the summer.  Our hot/cold water wash rack is indoor with a boom style hose so it's safely off the ground and not on the ground underneath your horses feet!  We also have a 4 board 120 X 240 ft. riding arena with jumps, barrels and a dressage area, as well as a 65 foot round pen with sand footing for all of your training needs!  Our obstacle course has plenty of games to entertain your horses mind and increase confidence levels.  Across the street is beautiful Bowie Nature Park which includes 14 miles of mostly shaded trails!  We live on the premises and are always keeping a close eye on the horses to make sure they're happy, spoiled and have plenty of fresh water!  All of our stall board equine friends are turned out daily after morning feed and brought back for dinner.  They always come back to a clean stall with fresh water and hay! 

Twice per year we seed, fertilize and chemically treat our pastures.  This keeps our grass lush, healthy and weed free.  During the winter months, we use locally grown round bales in our pastures to supplement lack of the green stuff!  Each pasture has 2 round bales for safety and extra hay consumption.  

Full Board includes:         
  • Quality Grain (Strategy, Purina Equine Senior, Oats) twice per day including owner supplied supplements
  • Bermuda hay twice per day
  • Daily turn out...yep, even on Sundays!
  • Stall cleaning 6 days per week
  • Lighted Arena and lighted round pen
  • Scheduling and handling horses for farrier
  • Scheduling and handling horses for vet
  • Deworming (Owner supplied dewormer)
  • Hot/cold was rack
  • 65 foot 4-board round pen
  • 120X240 arena
  • Use of all equestrian facilities (ie. wash rack, fridge, restrooms, jumps, barrels, etc)
  • Lots of love
  • Well maintained facilities
  • Automatic waterers in pastures and (most) stalls
  • Run in shelters
  • 2 round bales per pasture in cold months
  • Fly predators and other fly control
  • Mineral blocks in all pastures
  • **$495.00 per month


Private Paddock Stalls:

  • All of the above with a private double or triple size stall with private shelter 
  • **$550.00 per month

Pasture Board:  Not available at this time.  Please email to be on our 'Well Worth the Wait' list for pasture board!

  •  All of the above except no stall

Trailer Parking is available for $50.00 per month based on availability


You'll always feel welcome and right at home here!

We have acres upon acres of grass!!

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