Bowie Park Stables
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What We're Doing
Boy, it's been a busy year!  Here's what's going on at Bowie Park Stables!  Each year we continue to improve the facilities and listen to the suggestions of the people that board here.  Here are some of the completed suggestions and improvements we've done over the past year and what projects we have lined up for the future!

This past year we've improved our arena and changed the back half to all sand, with a proper base and took out the grass.  This gave us room for a dressage area while allowing barrel practice without the worries of slipping!  This allows multiple disciplines to enjoy practice time with their horses and friends!  This was in our suggestion box so we did it!

We've also added our obstacle course separate from the arena to enjoy desensitizing and game playing!  We have a 12 foot tall 'car wash', a pedestal, a bridge, tarp, cavalettis, the BIG green ball, a foam walk thru and cones.  I sure know the humans enjoy these fun things to do, and the horses are having a blast!  We will finish with a water feature to walk the horses through...but are waiting to see how long that will take to build!

We've added 95 trees alongside the driveway as well as put a beautiful flower garden in by the gates.  Thanks to RHP Landscaping, it continues to look fabulous!  Richard, as always did a remarkable job!  We've added 5 new trees to the front pasture for added shade and protection.  They still need to grow but are well on the way!  We can't wait to see their beauty next year!

All pastures and paddocks now have automatic waterers. These ensure cool water in the summer without the worries of a dirty trough, a horse cleansing their paws in it, mildew or running dry if a timer doesn't correctly work!  It will prevent freezing in the winter too which means no more chopping inches of ice!  We KNOW the horses will love this!  And the humans love them too!

We've also added our beautiful fountain to our lake for visual appeal as well as to help circulate the water and keep mosquitos down!  We love the zen!  We know you will too!

We will continue to update and improve and always take suggestions from our faithful boarders, they are part of our family and will continue to be for a long time!  We are forever grateful for their continued trust in our passion for the horses!
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